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Westport Connecticut

You can still see the outlines of the historic villages that make up the Westport community as you drive from the Metro North 
station to a Zagat-rated restaurant or when you bike on the winding roads from Green’s Farms to the beach. Yet along with its 
historical charms, Westport offers premier schools - both public and private - superbly crafted homes, beautiful countryside, 
and a vibrant downtown framed by the lazy curves of the Saugatuck River. 
Set among beautifully wooded rolling hills just north of Westport, Weston residences have two-acre residential zoning; every house has its own aesthetic identity, a sense of privacy and a close connection to nature.

Fairfield Connecticut
Bustling and beautiful, Fairfield is a town-sized community that packs a city-sized wallop. One of the most important pre-Revolutionary settlements on Long Island Sound, today, Fairfield is a delightful combination of coastal charm, historic preservation, cosmopolitan entertainments, and cultural opportunity. And it has a trove of residential diversity.

Wilton Connecticut

With its many restored antique homes, Wilton has retained much of the flavor of its farming and artisan roots, while incorporating modern amenities in its recently expanded town center.

Easton Connecticut

Agriculture remains a constant in Easton, the smallest of the communities that I cover.  It remains a close-knit rural community with many working farms and large parcels of protected land including Trout Brook, part of the Aspetuck Land Trust, and the Saugatuck Reservoir.

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