Home  of diverse people of note from the likes of Mark Twain, Noah Webster, & Eli Whitney, to the football Hall of famer Steve Young, to musicians Diana Ross  & John Mayer.  Connecticut also boasts many attractions. You'll find cultural offerings like the Westport Playhouse and the Chevrolet Theater (formerly the Oakdale) where you can see Broadway attractions on tour. Sporting facilities include the Arena at Harbor Yard and the International Skating Center (where Olympians Sasha Cohen and Oksana Baiul have trained). In addition to its own attractions, Connecticut also offers convenient access to both New York City and Boston.

If you are considering relocating to Connecticut, you will have several decisions to make. From open acres to vibrant cities, Connecticut offers abundant living options, and Rob Grodman can assist you in choosing among them when you relocate to Connecticut.

He has years of experience helping professionals and families with Connecticut relocation. When you start planning your move, he’ll send you a relocation packet with information on schools, neighborhoods, and shopping and entertainment venues, as well as comprehensive information on the housing market. From charming ranches to stunning waterfront estates, he can assist you in finding the home of your dreams.
Rob Grodman
Rob Grodman
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